What format is the Superbroth file?

davesmith at bioch.tamu.edu davesmith at bioch.tamu.edu
Mon Feb 26 20:31:59 EST 1996

oravaxcm at world.std.com (Charles A Miller) wrote:

>I downloaded the Superbroth file (the big one part posting) and then unzipped
>it, but then I couldn't figure out what to view the file with. I tried MS-WORD
>and paint, but neither worked. I'm assuiming that the embedded graphics are 
>the problem, since I can't just look at the text in a text editor.

The original file was written in Word Perfect 6.1--the now defunct
word processing program--I just can't win...thank you Bill Gates.
The graphics were embedded by suggestion of previously interested
The monster list of email messages on my account indicate that there
are problems with downloading the file.  I am amazed at the
overwhelming response to my post---I didn't realize superbroth stuff
was so broadly applicable!  
So I took the original file and ripped out the text and saved it,
unformatted, as sprbrth2.txt (no we haven't subscribed to Bill's new
baby, Windows 95; I was raised on his other baby that made him
famous--DOS).  I took the original two graphics files, bmp files of
the apparatus and a typical growth curve, and compressed them along
with the text file into one zip file with pkzip.
This should be a universally acceptable cure for previous problems.
If you have any remaining patience or faith in my incompetance you can
try downloading my third ("the charm") post.  Best of luck to everyone
and may you grow unearthly numbers of E. coli in relatively small

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