Tet-repressible genes - timing

Med-2.1 Host at cf.ac.uk
Mon Feb 26 13:25:16 EST 1996

Dear Ian,

(1) how long the cells need 
> > to be tetracycline-free before we can be sure they're on,

I can detect expression within 6 hours after tet-removal, but max.
expression is reached after 18-24 hours.

 and (2) 
> > whether we need to be anal-retentive about cleaning out the tet.  Do I 
> > need to wash out the tet medium, or is it likely to be sufficient to 
> > simply remove old medium and replace with new?  

Follow I.Davies advice and wash the cells at least twice in PBS or medium
to get rid of the stuff.
Good luck, Eike Floettmann          (Floettmann at CF.AC.Uk)

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