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Tue Feb 27 14:44:33 EST 1996

In article <4guapf$ecp at styx.uwa.edu.au>, Dr Mark Watson
<mwatson at uniwa.uwa.edu.au> wrote:

> Hi Netters
> Do any of you know the sources of the vectors below, I think they are 
> commercial but the info I was given was pretty bad to say the least
> 1) pCDNAneo size unknown but has a CMV promoter and T7 /SP6 flanking MCS
>    suggested host is MC1061/p3 (ever heard of it?)
> 2) pGSTag a vector with a GST promoter and a thrombin cleavage site

the first vector you mention is called pCDNA3 and it is from Invitrogen. 
it is Amp and Neo selectable with the T7-->Sp6 MCS and an SV40 origin of
replication.  (Invitrogen cat. no.: V790-20)...http://www.invitrogen.com

the second one is a doozy.  i can tell you that it isn't from Invitrogen
or Qiagen (the 2 catalogs i have in front of me).  you might try

good luck (and i have no connection with any of the above mentioned companies).


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