problems with RNAs denatured with Glyoxal(in Northerns)

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> Please someone,
> could you explaine why when I run Northerns with RNAs denetured in Glyoxal 
> I see two bands from my transcript, and anly one when I used the more 
> commun formaldeyde gels. I dont think that is due to a better resolution 
> of the first method, but I rather think that is an artifact.
> Do you have any suggestions.
> Thanks Saverio
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I too have seen this. My interpretation is that although glyoxal is a
potent denaturant, it is not as good as fomaldehyde in keeping RNA in a
denatured state. 

You might try heating the samples for a longer time before loading on your gel. 

Also, check the pH of your buffer. If the pH rises above ~8.0 you could
run into problems with secondary structures forming. If this is the case,
provide a circulating buffer system. 

Finally, some manufacturers suggest that you de-ionize your glyoxal first.
I don't know if that will help your problem or not. 

Good luck.

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