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> > OK everyone
> > here is the stripped down version of the superbroth protocol.  it
> > should be in a format that everyone can read as long as you have
> > pkunzip software.
> > 
> > The file contains 3 (three) files:  the unformatted text
> > of the original post, the pic of the apparatus (superapp.bmp) and the
> > pic of the typical growth curve (sb_curve.bmp).
> > 
> > bmp files can be viewed with lviewpro, etc.  the text file should be
> > viewable in just about ANY text viewing program.
> > 
> > Best of luck with your bugs!
> > dave.
> This is extremely unhelpfull to those of us using Mac's (industry standard
> amonsgst the many biologists I know). Could someone post the text of the
> protocol without graphics? Hopefully the file is short enough to be
> presented directly? Alternatively, could it be made available by FTP?

for those of you using a macintosh, you can use the following method to
extract the file on your macintosh.

1. download the article containing the Superbroth protocol

2. If you have StuffIt Expander, you need to install Drop Stuff with EE
available at this URL:
If you don't have StuffIt Expander, search for that file using this URL: If you can't use
URLs just go over to the nearest info-mac mirror in your locale and these
files should be available in the cmp folder.

3. After installing Drop Stuff with EE, reboot the mac.

4. Append .uu to the downloaded Superbroth file and drag and drop it over
Stufftit Expander

5. The default settings for StuffIt should decode the uuencoded file into
the .zip file and then extract the whole thing automagically into a folder
named sprbrth2 Folder

6. The .bmp files can be viewed and saved to a different format using the
shareware GraphicConverter which can also be searched at the second URL
mentioned. The text file is just text.


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