purifying short probes

martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Tue Feb 27 10:55:42 EST 1996

I routinely use a pharmacia g-50 nick column...exclusion column so the label
stays on while the stuff comes off..

have to load your sample in a low vol (up to 40ul?), add 400ul te/water,
discard, then collect in 400/550ul te/water and that's it


p.s. I use these to purify large or small probes (as small as 13bp)...smaller
the probe the more I use to collect (550ul)

Eva Pietrzak (e.pietrzak at mailbox.uq.oz.au) wrote:
:    Hi, netters,

:    Do you have any tips on how to purify a very short 
:    oligonucleotide probe (20 mer) after 33P labelling?
:    Some home-made equivalent of a mini spin-column
:    or a brand name popular enough to be available
:    Down Under?

:    thanks, Eva

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