Custum oligo on magnetic beads

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> >We are interested in binding a custom oligo to magnetic beads in order to
> >isolate a gene of interest.  Can anyone suggest a manufacturer who is able
> >to produce these beads for us?
> The easy way is to order a biotinylated oligo (for instance at Pharmacia) and 
> bind it to a Streptavidin coated magnetic bead (Dynal). You could try using a 
> streptavidin coated 96 well microtiterplate when using a lot of samples.
> Good luck,
> Heidi Ruijling

On a related topic, if I wanted to prime second strand synthesis of cDNA
with a gene specific biotinylated primer, should I attach the strep bead
before using the oligo? That is, will the attached bead hinder the
annealing at all or should the synthesis reaction be done and then
purified using the beads? Should a small stretch of non-homologous DNA be
included on the biotin 5' end of the primer so that the bead can swing
freely or something?

Any tips gratefully received



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