Automatic Film Developers?

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Tue Feb 27 22:58:12 EST 1996

Pierce Chemical Co wrote:
> Hi!  We are looking for an automatic film developer for X-ray / autoradiography film.
> We've been using developer trays, but would like to be able to put our films in one
> end and get the developed films, dry and free of streaks, out the other.  Some days
> we develop 40 or 50 films, some days none, so we need a machine that can be happy
> sitting by itself with as little maintenance as possible.
> If anyone has a film developer that works well for autoradiography film, please reply.
> It's not that we mind using the sloshy pan method, but reproducibility and ease of use
> is very important to us right now.
> Thanks for your help!
> Ed Beaty
> Research Associate
> E-mail: PierceChem at

I have used X-Omat xray processors for about a dozen years now and they 
always seem to do the job. Don't know what your budget is on this but they 
are several thou. to purchase and about $1 per film for chemicals and routine 


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