Superbroth for EVERYONE! - (0/1)

glover martin gwmartin at
Tue Feb 27 14:57:30 EST 1996

Do you think you could just post the text of the protocol here?  Its a 
pain to unzip stuff here (at the lab) because all we have is macs.


davesmith at wrote:
: OK everyone
: here is the stripped down version of the superbroth protocol.  it
: should be in a format that everyone can read as long as you have
: pkunzip software.

: The file contains 3 (three) files:  the unformatted text
: of the original post, the pic of the apparatus (superapp.bmp) and the
: pic of the typical growth curve (sb_curve.bmp).

: bmp files can be viewed with lviewpro, etc.  the text file should be
: viewable in just about ANY text viewing program.

: Best of luck with your bugs!
: dave.

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