Superbroth for EVERYONE! (NOT)

Mark Walberg walberg at
Tue Feb 27 09:45:18 EST 1996

I tried the following and it sure didn't work for me.  
Maybe I'm starting with the wrong file- I used the one posted here a 
while back.  
Is that the right one, or is there a different one?   
walberg at

gustilo at wrote:
> for those of you using a macintosh, you can use the following method to
> extract the file on your macintosh.
> 1. download the article containing the Superbroth protocol
> 2. If you have StuffIt Expander, you need to install Drop Stuff with EE
> available at this URL:
> If you don't have StuffIt Expander, search for that file using this URL:
> If you can't use
> URLs just go over to the nearest info-mac mirror in your locale and these
> files should be available in the cmp folder.
> 3. After installing Drop Stuff with EE, reboot the mac.
> 4. Append .uu to the downloaded Superbroth file and drag and drop it over
> Stufftit Expander
> 5. The default settings for StuffIt should decode the uuencoded file into
> the .zip file and then extract the whole thing automagically into a folder
> named sprbrth2 Folder
> 6. The .bmp files can be viewed and saved to a different format using the
> shareware GraphicConverter which can also be searched at the second URL
> mentioned. The text file is just text.
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