Advice on genomic DNA preps wanted

Rob Jordan rjordan at
Tue Feb 27 15:27:43 EST 1996

Sprankle at (Cathy Sprankle) wrote:

>Hi, all:

>We are doing a project with the Stratagene "Big Blue" mice, which is a
>mouse with a recoverable phage transgene.  I am going to be doing a
>tremendous number of genomic DNA preps from livers (and possibly kidneys)
>from these animals in the near future.  The DNA has to be very clean and
>of high molecular weight to perform well in the packaging reactions.  So
>far, my results have been so-so.  I am using the DNA purification
>procedure that Stratagene recommends, which involves a proteinase K
>digestion followed by phenol extractions.  I would appreciate suggestions
>that anyone might have about how I could improve the quality of my DNA.

You might also try DNAzol from Gibco (Life Technologies).  They used
to sell a sample of it for $10, but they might not anymore.  Anyway,
it seems to work pretty well.


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