Problems with Qiagen Maxipreps?

martin LEACH leach at
Wed Feb 28 10:30:36 EST 1996

We use qiagen maxis for transfections routinely.

Occasionally I have had bad transfections..I have a feeling this is due to
batches of qiagen columns. For whole batches (a box) of columns the
transfections appear poor...until I get a new box and try them...then the
problem disappears. 

When I see the problem there is usually an extra white residue that does not
go into solution when the final plasmid is resuspended.

just my hunches...


p.s. try a new box/lot of columns and get some credit from qiagen.

p.p.s. they STILL dont have a web site....
jovermeyer at wrote:
: Has anyone had a problem recently using Qiagen Maxi's for transfection??? We
: have been using this system for 2 years now, with OK results, and in the last 2
: months we have had about 10 maxipreps that yielded DNA that looked fine on
: agarose gel, could be sequenced, but could not be transfected...this includes
: "re" maxi-preps of the SAME DNA that transfected successfully 2 months ago!!
: Have they changed their columns? I am almost ready to resort to CsCl.... Kathy

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