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>>Bio-Gel P series was Hjertens synthetic answer to Sephadex.   Bio-Rad sells
>>and distributes the Bio-Gel P-10, they have daughter companies in Europe.
>>Walt Schick
> Actually, BioGel was acrylamide based and therefore more like
>Pharmacias Sephacryl than sephadex

Dave is correct on similarity,  my comment was historical.  First gel
filtration matrix was the dextran-based "Sepahdex",  then came
acrylamide-based "Bio-Gel P"  P for polyacrylamide and both have similar
sieving characteristics.  Thus the Bio-Gel P was a commercial competitor for
the same applications. 
 For larger biomolecules, Pharmacia and Bio-Rad developed agarose based
"Sepharose" and "bio-Gel A". 
 Later came the Sephacryl, possibly after the patents expired and Pharmacia
wanted some of the properties of an inert synthetic gel material like Bio-Gel

Walt Schick.

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