need fusion protein for protein kinase substrate

Steven Enkemann enkemans at
Tue Feb 27 15:11:45 EST 1996

I am looking for an engineered fusion protein that can serve as a protein
kinase substrate.  The protein itself should be a readily phosphorylatable
protein such as histone H1 and it is preferable that the tag attached be
something that will allow affinity purification of overexpressed amounts
such as the 6 histidine tag or the GST tag.  The goal is to be able to put
large amounts of this protein into crude cell extracts and then quickly
repurify the fusion protein.  In a perfect world I would hope to find an
expression plasmid that overexpressed this fusion protein in mammalian
cells, either mouse or humans.  If you have such a protein or know of a
reference for one I can be reached by e-mail at Enkemans@
DC37A.NCI.NIH.GOV or respond to this newsgroup.

Steven A. Enkemann PhD.

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