dut- ung- E. coli strain request

John Elliott johne at gdpiris.chem.sunysb.edu
Wed Feb 28 23:02:15 EST 1996

In article <4gighu$dbt at nntp3.u.washington.edu>, ottok at u.washington.edu
(Kevin G. Otto) wrote:

> We are looking for a dut- ung- E. coli strain named CJ236 or any other 
> transformable dut- ung- strain.  Thanks.
> Kevin Otto

You can get them from New England Biolabs.  If you order a methylase
sensitive enzyme from them they will send the cells along if you ask for
them.  Otherwise it is about 8.00 for dryice and that is it.  I forgot the
name, but check the catalog and call them up.  they will give you the
part number.  I also think they have a web site.  They have to be made
competent for transformation.


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