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Andy Phillips <andy.phillips at> wrote:
>David D Morgan wrote:
>> I've just recieved some details about a new digital camera (DC-40) from Kodak
>> that apparently digitises images (of gels etc) and stores them as TIFF files for
>> later analysis/printing out using your PC/MAC.
>> Does anyone out there have experiences good/bad with this kind of system ?
>It's probably not a good idea to buy the DC-40 scientific package at the moment, 
>as Kodak have brought out a new, improved version (the DC-50), which includes zoom 
>and more exposure control. I understand that this new camera will replace the 
>DC-40 in the scientific kit.
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Actually, last week we had a demo in the lab of the DC-40 setup.  For 
what we want--pictures of gels--it is pretty good and gives good 
resolution.  It comes with the camera, the lens system, an EtBr filter, 2 
different sized hoods for UV, and analysis software.  I think the whole 
systems costs around $1800.  It seems pretty fast--we tested out how 
short of a UV exposure you can do and it came out to be 15 sec or so.  
Also, on a powermac, getting an on screen image of your gel is fast as 
well--maybe a bit slower than a polaroid.  The rep said that the IBM 
version of the software won't be out until April or so.  The DC50 camera 
is already out as a package as well and I think it is $800 more, but for 
routine lab use as a gel documentation system, I think the DC40 is the 
way to go.  I think the DC40 was recently reviewed in MacWorld and 
received very high praises.    

I have no affiliation whatsoever with Kodak


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