dut- ung- E. coli strain request

The Wagner Lab ewlab at uci.edu
Thu Feb 29 03:02:54 EST 1996

ottok at u.washington.edu (Kevin G. Otto) wrote:
>We are looking for a dut- ung- E. coli strain named CJ236 or any other 
>transformable dut- ung- strain.  Thanks.
>Kevin Otto

I know this strain is available from BioRad as part of their "mutagene" 
kit.  If you're too cheap to buy it, ask some of your neighbors.  I'm 
sure that someone has to have it as it is a fairly common strain.


				Matthew Petroski
				mdpetros at uci.edu
			Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
			 University of California, Irvine

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