purifying short probes

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at salus.med.uvm.edu
Thu Feb 29 13:01:14 EST 1996

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mc at u.washington.edu (upyers) wrote:
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>e.pietrzak at mailbox.uq.oz.au (Eva Pietrzak) wrote:
>>    Hi, netters,
>>    Do you have any tips on how to purify a very short 
>>    oligonucleotide probe (20 mer) after 33P labelling?
>>    Some home-made equivalent of a mini spin-column
>>    or a brand name popular enough to be available
>>    Down Under?
>>    thanks, Eva
>There are undoubtably several companies that make such columns (try Qiagen).
>However, for a homemade solution;
>   Run your probe out on an acrylamide gel (8%). TBE buffer is best.

I like StrataGene's NucTrap coulmns. They're expnsive but it only takes
about one minute! Excellent purification and recovery, I've used them for
oligos as small as 17mers before. Nice if you're in a hurry and have the cash.

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