hot start beads

Robert Horton horton at
Tue Jan 2 15:16:58 EST 1996

: Netters,
: We have used Invitrogen's HotStart Beads with wonderful results
: but they are VERY EXPENSIVE.  Cost is a major concern to us

We use vaseline petroleum jelly instead of wax, and dispense it with
a syringe. See:

Horton, R.M., Hoppe, B.L., and Conti-Tronconi, B.M. AmpliGrease: "Hot-start"
      PCR using petroleum jelly. BioTechniques 16(1):42-43, 1994. 

This paper also incluses our protocol for small (10ul) hot-start reactions.

I am maintaining a FAQ page for the "AmpliGrease" method on my web site
at Comments and questions are welcome.

- Bob

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