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Tue Jan 2 09:30:30 EST 1996

On 2 Jan 1996, Ralph Schuster wrote:

> Hi out there,
> a coworker of mine is looking for a recipe for the superbroth
> medium. Is there anyone who can help him by sending the
> recipe or naming literature where it can be found ?
> Thnx in advance,
> R.Schuster
> Inst. Med. Virology
> Giessen
> Germany
> Ralph.Schuster at
Here the recipe (from R.W.Davis et al. eds, "A Manual for genetic 
engineering. Advanced Bacterial Genetics" Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 
Cold Spring Harbor, New York, 1980):

For 1 liter:

Tryptone 33g
Yeast Extract 20g
NaCl 7.5g
10M NaOH 3.5ml

Cells love it!

Jose M. Bautista

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