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In article <DKJwvx.1Ix at>, you at somehost.somedomain  Gareth Jenkins writes:
> Someone in the lab has told me that you don't need to pH TE for DNA work
> but the pH of his TE is about 10, will this affect the DNA and any
> subsequent manipulations i.e. enzyme digestion or PCR?

don't know about affecting DNA.  It shouldn't affect subsequent ops because 
you usually dilute out and buffer it anyway.

However, the problem never arises in our lab because we make up 1M stocks of 
Tris-Cl at various pHs, which can then be used to make TE (and other buffers). 
 This is easier than dissolving Tris each time you need to make TE.

1 litre of 1 M Tris goes a _long_ way. ;)

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