Sequencing problem

Simon Dawson Simon.Dawson at
Wed Jan 3 03:37:20 EST 1996

Hi all,
       Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

  I have been trying to manually sequence a cDNA clone which is approximately 
1000bp in length with mixed success. The DNA seems to encode a protein with a 
repeat unit of ~30 amino acids (~100bp) and most of what I'm getting when I 
run my gels are very compressed sequences.
  Has anybody had a similar problem in the past and might be able to share 
the answer with me? :)
  I have tried deaza dNTP mixes (both c7-dATP and c7-dGTP) with little 
difference in the result. I havn't tried a Taq kit yet though...has anyone 
had experience with such a kit for sequencing _other_ than cycle-sequencing 
(cycle sequencing gave me gobbledy-gook with this template) ?
  Oh well back to work I guess, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,



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