transgenic mouse cost!!!!!

Robert Horton horton at
Wed Jan 3 20:09:09 EST 1996

Richard Converse (converrl at wrote:
: Hi everyone!!

:    The cost of transgenic mouse production at our facility is driving us
: insane (they currently charge $2500.00/construct!). Does anyone out there
: have information on facilities with more competitive prices (which do work
: for off-site investigators?).

The following companies sell transgenic mice, according to the
BioSupplyNet registry:

       609-520-0300.....DNX Transgenics 
       800-LAB-RATS.....Charles River Laboratories 
       415-964-7024.....GenPharm International 
       800-345-4114.....HRP Inc. 
       518-537-6208.....Taconic Farms Inc. 
       800-422-MICE.....The Jackson Laboratory 

Jackson Labs' home page URL is:

I didn't see a price, but they might be able to beat $2500. Let us know
what you find out!

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