differential display

Russ Boggs rboggs at isisph.com
Thu Jan 4 19:32:02 EST 1996

In article <4cetgm$77h at swen.emba.uvm.edu>, kbarthol at moose.uvm.edu (Kirk A.
Bartholomew) wrote:

> I am getting ready to use the differential display method to identify 
> genes involved in the degradation of lignin by white-rot fungi.  I know 
> that their is at least one company offering the required primers as a 
> kit.  However, I can't seem to find the name of the company anymore.  I 
> would greatly appreciate any information concerning companies supplying 
> the necessary primers.  
> Thanks,
> Kirk

GeoHunter Corp
50 Boylston St
Brookline MA  02146

I have the ad posted, but I've never used the kit.

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