Antisense and sensibilities

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> > When I teach this in my Genetics class, I refer to the DNA strand with
> > the same sequence as the mRNA as the sense strand, and the other DNA
> > strand (which is complementary to the mRNA) as the template strand.
> > The students rarely get confused by this nomenclature, as it reflects
> > the actual functions of the two strands.
> > 
> > Joanne Tornow
> > University of Southern Mississippi
> Not that it matters, but I think that this is a pretty good way to
> describe the two strands of DNA.  Not historically accurate, but it makes
> sense and seems to be close to the concensus.

My problem is, what to do with all the EXISTING textbooks? I fear a great 
confusion when various sources continue to conflict and the textbooks we 
all currently have on our shelves become officially wrong.

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