TA-cloning patented?

mc97 at musica.McGill.CA mc97 at musica.McGill.CA
Wed Jan 3 10:03:08 EST 1996

>   shsu at HEART.MED.UTH.TMC.EDU (Song-Kun Shyue) writes:
>          Does anyone knows whether the method by using T-vector to subclone
>  PCR products patented or not? Is there any company sale similar products
>  except the Invitrogen? Stratagene using enzyme as seletion, I don't know 
>  no other company sale similar products? I couldn't fine any ad recently.
>  Song

I don't know whether the principle is patented, but Invitrogen is certainly not the 
only company that cells TA cloning vectors. Promega has a modificaiton of the 
pGEM vector, pGEM-T, which can be used for cloning of PCR products. It is in a 
funny place in their catalogue -with PCR related products and not with the other 
vectors. Look at page 166 in their 1994-95 catalogue. I also vividly recall seen 
ads from at least one more company selling vectors based on the same 

Constantin Polychronakos
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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