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Robert Horton (horton at wrote:

:: The remaining issue is: how do we get people to STOP using "sense and 
:: antisense" for DNA? If enough people send me their approval for this 
:: scheme (or any other, when the debate has generated a consensus), we 
:: could send a letter to the editor to Nature, Science, TIBS (other good 
:: targets?) to make the suggestion at large. 

:: However, how do we formalize a decision thereafter? Perhaps we could 
:: organize a meeting (I suggest on the internet; no need to make everybody 
:: fly over to any specific locale), well advertized, where the debate would 
:: be concluded with a vote. The conclusions could then be published in an 
:: adequate medium (both electronic and print).

:: All we need is to DECIDE to solve this nomenclature issue.

| I love it! We can appoint ourselves the Official Bionet Virtual
| Committee to Stop the Use of the Term "Sense-Strand" for DNA! I
| nominate Paul Hengen for Chair.  Can we meet at your web site, Paul?
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Dear Bob and other Virtual Committee Members,

I think if we are going to agree to meet on the net, we could do it by
1.) using the e-mail system and posting here, or 2.) use the BioMOO which
would be more interactive (a live telnet conference), but this might keep
some people away. Either way, if there is enough interest in this kind of
thing I can help set it up. Let me know if you all want to do it and I will
contact the people in charge of the BioMOO to reserve the conference room.

If you haven't heard of BioMOO, I'm attaching an info sheet here. I've also
set up a link to the site through my homepage listed on my .sig. You can't
miss it. It's just under the Methods and Reagents heading.

Go There ->

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What is BioMOO?

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BioMOO allows both real-time conversation with other biologists using an
interactive text link (Telnet), and the presentation of images using a parallel
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a flexible conferencing system as well as access to all commands needed for
manipulating virtual objects within the BioMOO space. The parallel multimedia
interface is graphical and intuitive, allowing biologists to present image and
other multimedia information. BioMOO's virtual reality aspects allow the user
to perceive it as a place, with a consistant topology and virtual objects that
provide familiar metaphors to represent all aspects of the consensual reality.
A tutorial and other help systems are available for training at all levels of
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