Looking for an address

aandonov at HPB.HWC.CA aandonov at HPB.HWC.CA
Fri Jan 5 12:25:26 EST 1996

Hi netters!
Does anyone there know the address (preferably E-mail) of 
the following Japanese scientists:
Kazuaki Takahashi
Shunji Mishiro
Shinya Kishimoto
Katsumi Tachibana
Yoshihiro Akahane
Hiroshi Yoshizawa
Eisuke Munekata

All of them are from different institutes from Japan and have 
published a paper in J Gen.Virol. (1992) about hepatitis C virus
and detection of HCV core antigen using a murine monoclonal antibody.
I would like to come in contact with the person who has the mab.
Anton Andonov,PhD
Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
Ottawa, Ont.

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