HPLC systems

Jose M. Bautista jbautist at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jan 5 06:29:57 EST 1996

On 4 Jan 1996 aandonov at HPB.HWC.CA wrote:

> Hi netters!
> We are looking to by a high pressure liquid chromatography
> system mainly for protein purification.As we do a lot of PCR
> we may use it with DNA too. The first name to come is Pharmacia,s
> FPLC.We need just the basic thing, no fancy automation etc.
> BioRad also has a HPLC sys. Any users with good experience,please 
> SHARE it.
> Anton Andonov,PhD
> Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
> Ottawa,Ontario

Forget to use such a system for DNA purification. It is not worth since 
classical molecular biology techniques and kits are cheaper and faster.
For purification of proteins go for Pharmacia. I have four different 
systems in my lab. Both from Pharmacia are the most used: FPLC and Smart.  

Jose M. Bautista

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