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Here is reference which should contain several such experiments
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DNA Science: A First Course in Recombinant DNA Technology

David A. Micklos, DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Greg
A. Freyer, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University

[REVIEW:] "[DNA Science] has elements of a textbook, laboratory manual,
historical novel, and popular magazine article, yet is remarkably cohesive."
This new laboratory text combines the theory, practice, and applications of
recombinant DNA technology into one articulated package. Unlike super texts
that can only be sampled by even the most ambitious instructor or student,
DNA Science is designed to be read from cover to cover. The eight text
chapters are written in a semi-journalistic style and adopt a historical
perspective to explain where DNA science has come from and where it is
going. Combining the unique perspectives of both a research biologist and a
science writer, the topical treatment integrates up-to-the-minute examples
drawn directly from the research literature.

Extensively tested by thousands of high school and college teachers and
students in 25 states and Canada, the ten laboratory experiments cover the
basic techniques of gene isolation and analysis. The experiments engender
systematic repetition to build student confidence and mastery of techniques.
Extensive prelab notes at the beginning of each experiment explain how to
schedule and prepare, and flowcharts and icons make the protocols easy to
follow. The laboratory course is completely supported by quality-assured
Carolina Biological Supply Company products-from bulk reagents, to reusable
reagent systems, to single-use kits-satisfying a range of teaching

Truly a first course in recombinant DNA technology, the laboratory sequence
presupposes no prior experience on the part of the instructor or student.
Structured to follow directly from an introduction to principles of biology,
the experiments are equally appropriate for the advanced high school student
and the beginning college student. The book can be used as the first course
in a molecular biology sequence, be integrated as a genetics/DNA structure
component of a general biology course, or be used as a unit within a
microbiology or genetics course. The text is suitable for introducing
recombinant DNA in science and society courses.


     Themes in the Development of DNA Science; Questions in the Development
     of DNA Science; Basic Tools and Techniques of DNA Science; Advanced
     Techniques of DNA Science; Gene Regulation in Development; Molecular
     Biology of Cancer; Applying DNA Science to Human Genetics; Applying DNA
     Science in Agriculture, Medicine, and Industry
     Measurements, Micropipetting, and Sterile Techniques; Bacterial Culture
     Techniques; DNA Restriction Analysis; Effects of DNA Methylation on
     Restriction; Rapid Colony Transformation of E. coli with Plasmid DNA;
     Purification and Identification of Plasmid DNA; Recombination of
     Antibiotic Resistance Genes; Transformation of E. coli with Recombinant
     DNA; Replica Plating to Identify Mixed E. coli Populations;
     Purification and Identification of Recombinant DNA
     Equipment, Supplies, and Reagents; Recipes for Media, Reagents, and
     Stock Solutions; Restriction Map Data for pAMP, pKAN, and Bacteriophage

Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and Carolina Biological
Supply Company

1990, 477 pp., illus., bibliography, name index, glossary/index
ISBN 0-89278-411-3 Paper $32.95

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