PCR on whole blood

Robert Horton horton at biosci.cbs.umn.edu
Mon Jan 8 00:54:02 EST 1996

Lo Wing Ip Anthony (alo at b2.hkstar.com) wrote:
: Hi,

: 	As a diagnostic lab, I would like to perform PCR type of 
: amplification on whole blood in order to avoid extra step for the 
: technicans. I come across an article of using Tth for that. Just wonder 
: whether anyone had an experience with this polymerase?

This isn't about Tth, but if you're interested in PCR from whole blood, you
should see

    Walsh PS.  Metzger DA.  Higuchi R.                                         
    Chelex 100 as a medium for simple extraction of DNA for PCR-based typing   
    from forensic material.                                                    
    Biotechniques.  10(4):506-13, 1991 Apr.                                    

Robert M. Horton                        Have a :) day

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