In situ/ tubes Thermal Cycler?

Jonathan Redfern 100537.271 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Jan 9 12:13:59 EST 1996

Dear Mr Richburg, I hope you find the following useful.

RE: PCR machine with multiple blocks for tubes and slides.

One option would be to use the new TECHNE Thermal Cycler called 
the PROGENE this machine is not only the fastest tube cycler in 
the world (3°C/Sec) but is also the smallest!
A setup offering 20x0.5ml tubes and at the same time an 'In-situ' 
block for 2 slides would cost around $4800, thats complete with 
heated lid and the blocks are all interchangeable if you should 
later wish to use 0.2ml tubes or a mini-microplate.
If you should wish for further details please contact me.
More information can be found on the BIOMEDNET ( 
under 'Thermal Cyclers'

(Please note the Slide option is not included in the BioMedNet as 
it is not currently in our catalogue)

Jon Redfern
Export Product Manager 

TECHNE (Cambridge) Ltd. / TECHNE (Princeton) Inc.
Export Product Manager 

TECHNE (Cambridge) Ltd. / TECHNE (Princeton) Inc.

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