Help I need a little bit of cytokine

Allen Black mdcabl at
Wed Jan 10 02:24:52 EST 1996

Hi all,

I need a smidge of PDGF, FGF, and/or IGF to throw into a bioassay to see
if it does anything. I don't want to have to spend a grand to just run
these guys one time at ng concentrations. Can anybody out there help me
and give me just a wee bit? I am in Australia and I tried to appeal to
local labs but nobody replied. Is there a good science samaritan out there
that could help, if not in Australia then somewhere else? I am willing to
trade mIL-6, mIL-4, mIL-5 from baculovirus stock.

Allen Black

3rd level DMB
Dept. of Pathology
University of Newcastle
Newcastle, NSW 2300
mdcabl at

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