P32 or Chemiluminescence, Biotin Probes for library screening

Michael R. King king1 at students.uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 9 10:01:54 EST 1996

I have N-terminal amino acid sequence (OK degeneracy) for making a
degenerate probe for screening a cosmid library and/or southern.  I have
always used the non-isotopic probes for doing southerns but never used a
degenerate probe. I have been told that if I have the probe company do the
non-isotopic labeling for me, than this method is very efficient. 
However, I can also go to another lab to use P32 which I haven't really
worked with much (working in others labs can be somewhat of a hassle but I
am willing to do it to achieve success).  Which of these methods do you
suggest?  Please write directly to me at the email address below.


Michael R. King
king1 at students.uiuc.edu

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