RNAse for phage preps

john brennand john.brennand at gbapr.pharmaceuticals.zeneca.tmailuk.sprint.com
Wed Jan 10 06:15:11 EST 1996


The crude stuff (Sigma) should be fine if treated appropriately - if 
your DNA's are being degraded then either one of your other reagents or 
your tubes, tips, etc are contaminated  or you haven't got rid of the 

You should always wear gloves when prepping DNA's - protecte your work 
from you not you from the work !

Boil the RNAse solution for 15 min then spin it hard >10,000g to pellet 
the precipitated DNAse - then aspirate about 2/3 of the supernatant to a 
sterile tube and store at -20(in aliquots) don't be greedy (it is cheap 
after all) or you may transfer some DNAse

I made some up like this in 1989 and it is still good today.


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