RNAse for phage preps

Juqun Shen jshena at sfu.ca
Wed Jan 10 14:36:18 EST 1996

Are you sure it is because of RNase?

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From: Rainer.Blaesius at bigapple.biochem.uni-erlangen.de (Rainer Blaesius)
Newsgroups: bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts
Subject: RNAse for phage preps
Date: 9 Jan 1996 15:30:24 GMT
Organization: Institut für Biochemie
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Dear netters,
does anyone know a good source for RNAse that is good enough to be used
for phage preps and minilysates but not as expensive as the highly
purified forms from most Mol.Biol. companies? I have bought a crude
preparation from Sigma (RNAse A, R-5503), boiled and renatured it to
get it DNAse free only to see my plasmid minipreps disappear or run in
funny-shaped bands on agarose gels. If you know of better material that
is affordable in amounts commonly used in phage preps please let me


Rainer Blaesius
Inst. f. Biochemie
D-91054 Erlangen

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