Antisense and sensibilities

Robert Horton horton at
Wed Jan 10 13:50:09 EST 1996

Stephen R. Lasky (Stephen_Lasky at wrote:

: Why not define the strands based on the action that is taken on them:  the
: transcribed strand (T-Strand) (for the anti-parallel complementary strand
: to the mRNA), and the non-transcirbed stand (N-Strand) for the strand with
: the same sequence as the mRNA? The name of the gene that is transcribed
: can be added if it has not already been defined (as suggested by Dr.
: Moldwin).   mRNA should be mRNA or sense-RNA, and anti-Sense RNA should be
: the anti-parallel complement to the message.  I don't see any ambiguity in
: this system.

(Bob emerges from phone booth wearing Devil's Advocate costume):
Except that "T" and "N" are both used to denote nucleotides!


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