monovalent streptavidin

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Wed Jan 10 12:52:15 EST 1996

R Hanemaaijer wrote:
> Hi netters,
> Avidin or streptavidin have a high affinity for biotin. A mature
> (strept)avidin molecule is multivalent, since it has four biotin
> binding sites.
> We are looking for monovalent streptavidin. Does anybody know if
> there's a company that sells such a molecule. A second question
> is: Does anybody know if mono- or multivalent streptavidin can be
> or has been produced in prokaryotic or eukaryotic expression systems?

Promega sell "SoftLink" resin which contains monomeric avidin 
coupled to a methacrylate support. Their catalogue gives more 
details, but I'm not aware that they sell the uncoupled protein.

Paul Digard
Division of Virology
Department of Pathology
University of Cambridge

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