How to 32P label a PCR probe?

CK Wen cwen at
Fri Jan 12 17:04:21 EST 1996

bina at (Jim) wrote:
>Hi, Does anyone have a simple receipe for labelling a DNA probe with 32P-ATP in 
>a PCR reaction?
This is my reaction:

Plasmid DNA, which contains an insert     2-5ng     1ul
10X PRC buffer                                      1ul
10XdNTP(dATP, dTTP and dGTP) 50uM                   1ul
dCTP-P32                                            5ul
Primer 1, 50-100pg/ul                               1ul
Primer 2                                            1ul
Taq                                                 1ul

Then go to PCR.

The probe made is very hot, for more information, please check  
under" in Molecular Biology" where all the hybridization were performed using PCR generated probe.

best wishes,


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