Western problems

Per Bergman Per.Bergman at vf.slu.se
Fri Jan 12 05:26:43 EST 1996

Hello friends!

       I have some problems with my western experiments. I am analysing
rapeseed and tobacco
       protein extracts by the westerns-blot technique. I have an interest
in mitochondrial proteins and genes
       affecting flower development. As you might know plant mt-genomes
are large (200-400 kb) and contain many genes not found in mammals. The
anti-sera are produced in rabbits and the injected
       antigen is either GST/protein fusion's of synthetic peptides based
on genes whose expression we can correlate to flower mutant phenotypes.

       My problem is that I consistently get 10 or more, quite strong,
background bands. We use the ECL-system for detection. This problem
prevails even if I use a "known antiserum". With my floral mutants I only
get these background bands, even with "pre-immune sera". 

       Is it possible that the carbohydrate molecule bound to my IgG is
detecting LECTINS
       present in the protein preparations????
       I get background if I use pre-immune sera + secondary
goat-anti-rabbit ab also.
       Has anyone seen this before, and HOW did you solve the problem. I
will try to soak the
       filters with normal goat serum, to block any lectin binding, if
this is the case.

Post suggestions here or mail me at:     Per.Bergman at vf.slu.se

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