Vent gives blunt end products? (was: Re: ligation of blunt PCR products)

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Fri Jan 12 10:05:14 EST 1996

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>Subject: Re: ligation of blunt PCR products
>Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 19:47:42 +0000

>Aplify your PCR with Vent polymerase (New Englands Biolabs) which gives
>blunt PCR products which is different from Taq polymerase and clone in pCR
>Script (Stratagene) which a blunt end cloning vector.

I keep hearing/reading this, but never seem to be able to find a real 
reference where this has been demonstrated experimentally  (maybe I haven't 
look hard or carefully enough). Anybody  got such a reference?

Thanks, Stephane

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>>Do anybody knows if there is a method for efective blunt end ligation of 
>>PCR products? please I need it for my master degree thesis in protein 
>>engineering.>>Thanks>>>>Cecilia Alaniz

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