Omega-Cam Plasmid?

Brad Nicholson Brad_Nicholson at
Fri Jan 12 13:46:38 EST 1996

Hello All,

		I was wondering if anyone out there has an Omega-Cam 
construct that they would be willing to part with.  I know about the pHP45 
Omega-Cam (Fellay, et al.) and the pBSL119 Omega-Cam (Alexeyev, et al.) and
that they can be obtained from the Phabagen Collection and ATCC, 
respectively.  I am willing to do that, but if I can find some kind soul 
who is willing to part with a few ng to transform I would be very grateful.

		I'm trying to interupt a bacterial transcriptional 
activator, I have tried using the Cam resistance gene alone (from 
pACYC184). I want to avoid promoter activity out of the inserted resistance
gene.  Alternatively, an Omega-Gent cassette would also work.  

Thanks for your time,
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