Stubborn DNA during resuspension

Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Sat Jan 13 15:00:55 EST 1996

>   Richard Daines <rdaines at> writes:
>  I have run into this problem myself. I get excellent DNA yeilds (seen when 
>  I ppt, nice long spoolable DNA) but if I centrifuge, the pellet us almost 
>  totally insoluble.  I've always blamed co-ppt of carbohydrate as the 
>  problem.  I seem to be able to get enough back into solution to be useful 
>  and keep the rest as a pellet.  Sorry but I don't have a cure for this 
>  problem.
I have the same problem with some preps

If it is from a bacterial prep sometimes the insoluble pellet is bacterial genomic DNA that is complexed with lipids and 
carbohydrates.   The way around this people is to use an expensive column system like "quiagen" or good old CsCL
gradient purification


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