Plasmid drawing software

Christopher Spry cspry at
Sun Jan 14 10:06:58 EST 1996

Vector NTI draws plasmids but is expensive as already noted and I could not 
get it to install under windows NT 3.51 so, despite my earlier posting, it is 
not high on my list of recommended packages.

Other options that I have come across are 'Plasmid Artist' from 
'alan at' and '' from' 
which costs US$335. The graphics in this second demo can be captured using 
'PaintBrush Pro' and printed from there. This is a sophisticated package for 
a Department and it runs well under Windows95 and NT 3.51. 'The Vector NTI 
software 'vntd' is available from the same server.

Christopher Spry
cspry at

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