Transferring High Percentage Sequencing Gels

Marc Goldstein magoldst at
Sun Jan 14 22:07:56 EST 1996

Reese Bolinger <anmab2 at> wrote:


>I have a friend in the lab I work in that is using high percentage 
>sequencing gels (12.5% or higher) to look at single base extensions for 
>a kinetics study.  While I have run many 6-8% sequencing gels myself, 
>and have had no problem getting them to transfer cleanly to Whatman 3MM 
>or other blotting paper for drying...

One possibility is to transfer the gel onto plastic wrap directly,
then overlay the gel with either 3mm paper or even kimwipes
for drying.  With this method, the main problem is cracking of
the gels.  Prefixing or slow drying may reduce this, though
Good luck!

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