half-life of phosphorimager screen

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     I am not sure what you mean by half life of the screen.   The stored
energy of a screen that has been exposed to radioisotope, does have a decay
(half life).  I'm not sure what it is off had, but you can get a very good
tech report from Mol. Dynamics about this.  If you are asking if I expose a
screen to 1 uCi for 1hour today and scan, then do the same thing in 1, 2 of
more years,  Will the measured signal be less?  From my experience using MD
Phosphorimagers and our oginal screen ~ 5years + old, this is of little
concern.  Although I have not measured/quantitated this.  Good Luck,


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> Hi Netters:
> 	We have got a phosphorimager and the screen costs about 500 
> dolars, then I would like to know if someone in the net has experience 
> or knowledge about the half-life of this screen.:-(
> Thanks in advance.
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