T/A cloning

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>> On Mon, 08 Jan 1996, Martin Cann wrote;
>> >The wobbly T's on these vectors are notoriously unstable. The cut
>> >vector has a shelflife of 1-2 months and will not survive too m=
>> any >freeze-thaw cycles. Could this be it?
>> This is interesting, I have not heard of this before.
>actually, the literature for the Invitrogen kit states this fact more 
>than once.


I've wandered into this discussion in the middle so I hope this hasn't
been said before but whilst browsing the Novagen web site I found
a document from their May 1994 inNovations in which they test the
stability of their T/A cloning vector (pT7blue).
	The full document is in Adobe Acrobat form as;


and as html (without the figures) as;


Maybe this will be useful to some people.

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