BrdU in immunoflourescence

A.S. aschoen at
Mon Jan 15 19:31:05 EST 1996

Hi.  I want to do double staining IF for my protein and for cell 
proliferation with BrdU.  Optimally, I would like to detect BrdU with a 
non-rabbit primary antibody and a Texas red or rhodamine conjugated 
secondary antibody (because I have had success detecting my protein with  
FITC).  My questions are directed to anybody who has had success with 
this procedure:
1) Which companies have good reagents to perform this experiment?
2) Is there a good protocol for this procedure?  It seems a little more 
complex than IF as you have to make the incorporated BrdU's accessible 
to antibody (i.e. nucleases, etc.).
Thanks for your help.

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