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The question was:
>>I am looking for phosphorescent ink as a replacement for ink spiked with 
>>free label to mark my nitrocellulose blots before autoradiography. There is 
>>one company (DuPont) who sells a pen containing phosphorescent ink but it 
>>costs DFl.1000.- (~$600.-) wich is to expensive for me.
>>Does anyone know a company who sells phosphorescent marker pens or just ink 
>>wich can be used in autoradiography and is afordable? Please let me know!
--One reply:
>This came up a year or so ago.  Try childrens toy shops - you can get both
>"glow-in-the-dark" stickers and paints which can be used very effectively!

We have used "Creative Touch" brand luminous acrylic paint, catalog number 628612, manufactured by Palmer Paint Products, Inc., Troy MI  48084 (USA).  And yes, we found it in a toy & hobby store! 

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