Help please: immunolabelling with 2 antibodies from same animal

David A. Schiffmann das1002 at
Tue Jan 16 15:28:53 EST 1996

I would be very grateful for any help with the following problem: I would
like to carry out 2-colour, preferably fluorescent, immunolabelling
against two proteins of interest, using two antibodies which have
both been raised in the same animal; I'm pretty sure I saw an advert in
'Biotechnics and Histochemistry' (published in 1994, I think) about a kit
to help with dual-labelling using antibodies from the same species.

If anyone can look up this advert (on the inside page, I think -
probably only on an unbound copy) or has
any information on a commerical system or protocol for carrying out this
kind of experiment, I would really appreciate it if you could email me at:

das1002 at

Thanks in advance,


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